During the making of A Lyrical Dance Concert, we were attentive to an ever-growing series of questions – questions about the role of art, the possibility of doing something together, and the importance of having fun. The work’s development and presentation continue to generate more of these puzzles and thinking-points.

We think that many of the things we are considering have an impact broader and more common than the private practice of two people. In order to expand our work and have it shared in a different way, we have invited a selection of artists we like to respond to some of our questions through other means. The artists have been asked not to ‘answer’ the question but to provide materials of their choosing that reflect their thinking.

Katy Baird

Amy Bell

Lucy Cash

Antje Hildebrandt

Karen Lambæk

Katalin Lengyel

Hamish MacPherson

Alice Malseed


Ana Monteiro

Maija Nurmio

Hetain Patel

Luke Pell

Benjamin Quigley

Amaara Raheem

Annie Rigby

Rosalie Schweiker

Molly Beth Seremet

Rajni Shah

Tom Stone

Ruth Turner

Karin Verbruggen

David Waring

Flora Wellesley Wesley