Karin Verbruggen

What might be the spectators’ responsibility towards a work’s ‘success’?

I’m thinking about a work’s success. I have a vision of myself with golden necklaces, of me in Carnegie Hall. Of thousands of people screaming my name. Of me actually being okay with the work.

I’m thinking of critics. Who are audience members who write for money – or something else in exchange for their opinion (Free tickets? Critics’ Fame?).
But then I think, what is my responsibility, what do I see as my responsibility as an audience member? I want to be open. To the work and the makers. Is success my responsibility? The response (ibility) of the audience has consequences. But I’m not sure if these consequences have to do with being responsible for them. Is the audience an active part of what happens after the exposure of the work to the outside world? And then I just think myself stuck and decide to sing a song I sang for someone I love. It was a great success. If it will be for other audiences, I don’t know…

The ukelele and the cat from Karin Verbruggen on Vimeo.

Thank you to Daisy Ransom Phillips for lending me her ukelele.

Thank you to the cat for being my audience when I needed it to be.

Karin is a performance maker, performer and drama therapist from The Netherlands, now based in Brussels.