Karen Lambæk

Is it possible to author something created by another?

Some-THING Out of Isadora Duncan – YouTube Part

Use the score below to make a solo, maximum five minutes, no need for preparation. Film it and upload it on YouTube. Save it as Some-THING Out of Isadora Duncan 1, the next solo as 2, etc.

Pass these instructions on (forward this mail), and by doing so you are asking a friend/colleague to redo your solo or to make another solo starting from the score. Friend YouTube, save, pass it on. Find another if he/she does not want to do it.

Please send a link with your response to karenlambaek@icloud.dk. You can also mail me with questions.

Here is what you have to do, make the solo a responding to all of the following three tasks

1. Stretch the drawing by Antoine Bourdelle back into duration


2. Imitate the arms, hands, and fingers of Isadora Duncan according to this quote:

“I used to notice its leaves (a palmtree) trembling in the early morning breeze, and from them I created in my dance that light fluttering of the arms, hands, and fingers which has been so much abused by my imitators…”

Excerpt from Isadora Duncan, My Life

3. Imagine this comment is about your solo after you have done it, try to make sure it could be the case:

”Miss Duncan’s dancing has a singular charm and impressiveness of its own. It is dance and pantomime at once, and it shifts freely across the impalpable line that divides the two.”

Excerpt from an article on Isadora Duncan at the Metropolitan Opera. New York Times, Saturday, Nov. 7, 1908

Under your video, please answer at least one of the following questions:

Who is authoring the solo/soli?

If possible, why would one/you be the author of a solo for a score one/you did not write?

Why would one/you be the author of a solo that has already been made and performed by another?

Does this exercise question authorship? If not, please make an example of an exercise that does, or link to/describe a work that does.

Are there details or specific instances where the YouTube videos of a solo/the soli (imaginary or real) raise any of the above questions in a particular way, how, please give examples?

Why are we/some artists questioning authorship?

If you where to raise a question rather than answer any of the above, what would it be?

Karen Lambæk is a performer and maker working across Europe. Gillie and Karen made DOUBLE ACT together last year.

Gillie and Sara will do Karen’s task soon!