David Waring

What might be the spectators’ responsibility towards a work’s ‘success’?
The spectator is omnipotent!
The spectator is dead. Long live the spectator!
Reality shows demonstrate the power of the audience. And the customer is always right!
If I spread the word, is the word what I say or what is heard?
‘Chinese whispers’ – friend or foe, laugh or shock, kind or cruel???
You’re here with me, I’m here with you. I call that pretty successful.
Love is: the second date.
Can a work succeed in one showing and fail in another? Is that down to the audience or the performers, or maybe neither, or both? Could it be down to the moon or the stars (or the lack of stars)?!
When the spectator fails…
If the spectator is a critic, programmer or promoter, the work may be much more, or much less, successful.
Is success defined by taste? Is it defined by the number of people in the audience?
I have been performing, teaching and making work professionally for 25 years. I’m critical of Dance and in love with it too.