Olivia Hayes ‏@livihayes21 Apr Amazing performance of #alyricaldanceconcert last night! Best show I’ve seen in aaaages! 🙂 #dance

Lora Boyd ‏@loraboyd20 Apr #alyricaldanceconcert… Get to see it if you can I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

Caroline Pearce ‏@clmp720 Apr Overheard in audience of #alyricaldanceconcert – “my cheeks see hurting, I don’t normally laugh very much” #boom @GillieKleiman @GIFTfest

DivisionTheNextStage ‏@DivisionArts18 Apr Having the best night ever. The most entertaining performance I have ever been to. #alyricaldanceconcert C x

Erin McGrath ‏@eerieerin18 Apr Gillie Kleiman and Sara Lindstrom, I think I love you #alyricaldanceconcert

Corey Bowen ‏@CoreyBowen_16 Apr  Having loads of fun at the #alyricaldanceconcert at @MBoroInk @@gilliekleiman

Mitch Gavell ‏@mitchgavell 11 Mar Really enjoyed A Lyrical Dance Concert #nottdance – absurdly entertaining & just plain absurd.

New Perspectives ‏@NPtheatre 11 Mar Wonderfully fun and inventive evening at @Dance_4 A Lyrical Dance Concert @Create_Theatre – Music, dancing & bridge construction!

debzie! ‏@87_abracadebrax 11 Mar A lyrical dance concert was so much fun! Get to jam cafe tomo eve to watxh it if u can! A dont miss experience! #nottdance @Dance_4

Unanima Theatre ‏@unanimatheatre 11 Mar @GillieKleiman Hilarious ‘A Lyrical Dance Concert’ @Create_Theatre #Nottdance A must see, catch it at Jamcafe tomorrow #laughtilyouweeabit

Northants Arts ‏@NorthantsArts 11 Mar Interval at @Dance_4 A Lyrical Dance Concert… Bags of fun and invention! Great treat for a Monday evening

Paul Russ ‏@PaulRussDance4 11 Mar Half-way thru A Lyrical Dance Concert = genius! Catch it 2moro at Jam Cafe @7.30pm. #Nottdance